HuisVeendam BV
Transportweg 38
NL 9645 KZ Veendam
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HuisVeendam. The rural riches in the North of Holland evaporated with the arrival of oil. A long tradition of natural fiber and potato starch technology disappeared. With the scarcity of oil nearby, the remarkable properties of starch are rediscovered and modified to offer sustainable solutions. HuisVeendam aims to show that this local resource once more can drive industry, create local wealth, and inspire designers to implement it in design and fashion.

Work. HuisVeendam develops products based on natural local fibers & starch. We apply the technology of modifying starch for upgrading waste resources, replacing synthetics and enhancing local plant fibers. The products we develop are eclectic and multidisciplinary. The designs we generate are presented in the collection of HuisVeendam and are exemplary of how design can speed up the innovation process and lead the way in sustainable change.

‘IN FULL BLOOM | MAURITSHUIS | DENHAAG | 200 JEAR CELEBRATION EXHIBIITION’ The exhibition In Full Bloom takes you on a voyage of discovery through the flower still-life genre. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN It’s not just the paintings stealing the show in this exhibition: a unique, sustainable solution from HuisVeendam has been chosen for the walls in the exhibition room. They are made from flower waste from the bulb industry. The flowers are pressed into the Biolaminate so that the structure of the leaves is visible.
MaterialDistrict_Utrecht_5-7 April 2022 | HuisVeendam_Collection SS#2022




Biolaminate | DDW_2018 | ABN AMRO

How. In our factory, design studio, lab & pilot facility we modify the countless properties of potato starch from raw material to applied end products. The collaboration with our many interdisciplinairy partners is what makes us unique , something we value the most. Therefore, HuisVeendam is best compared with a fashion house; a place that makes mundane materials into exceptional and character defining products, to pave the way for new sustainable materials to become part of our daily lives.