HuisVeendam BV
Transportweg 38
NL 9645 KZ Veendam
+31 (0)6 222-32-099

Collection #AW2020. Will be reviled mid October at the DDW2020, we are proud to explain our new biolaminate collection, new wall_systems & furniture designs to you. Until now we work a lot in collaboration with our customers to produce custom made biolaminate objects that in hence there project needs. To provide something that is, just to find out by laying your hand onto it.

HuisVeendam develops products based on natural local fibers & starch. We apply the technology of modifying starch for upgrading waste resources, replacing synthetics and enhancing local plant fibers. The products we develop are eclectic and multidisciplinary. The designs we generate are presented in the collection of HuisVeendam and are exemplary of how design can speed up the innovation process and lead the way in sustainable change.