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Privacy Policy.

HuisVeendam values your visit to our website. We would like you to understand what we will do with the personal data you provide when you subscribe to our news release service or respond to a vacancy on our website. Your personal data, including your email address, will be used only in the following ways:
  • We will keep and process personal data you provide when you subscribe to the news release service in order to fulfill your request and to maintain our relationship. Your data will be deleted when you unsubscribe.
  • We will process personal data you provide in order to receive information from us (for example to request a copy of the annual report) once only in order to fulfill your request.
  • We will treat personal data you provide in response to a vacancy in the same way we treat responses received by ordinary mail and will not store the data longer than necessary.
  • We will also process saved information to analyze visiting patterns in order to improve the site.
  • We will not sell or pass on your personal data to third parties that are not members/business groups of HuisVeendam.
  • Our website contains links to non-HuisVeendam websites. These websites may apply different policy rules. It is the user’s responsibility to be alert and check this before supplying any details or information. HuisVeendam is not responsible for the privacy policies on those sites.

Saving data
HuisVeendam will treat the data in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations. HuisVeendam will save some data in a file when you use certain parts of the site. This is necessary for you to visit those parts of the site.

Before you go to a particular part of the site, we will ask your permission to save and use the data necessary for that part. Granting permission will give you access to that part of the site. By giving us your permission to use your data for a particular part, you also give us permission to re-use the data necessary for that part. HuisVeendam will use your personal data only in accordance with your permission.

Cookies are text files that the browser ‘remembers’ and stores on your computer when you visit a website. With the aid of cookies, the website remembers certain information so that you do not have to retype it every time you log on. HuisVeendam’s cookies contain only information that is applicable for a HuisVeendam website and that enhances the ease of use.

If HuisVeendam makes any changes to its privacy and information protection policies, you have a right to be informed. If we update the policy, we will inform you by means of hyperlinks on this page. You will therefore always be able to follow our privacy policy.