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DDW19 The Growing Pavilion X HuisVeendam

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Over dit project

Social challenges such as climate change, subsidence levels, increase of CO2 and the scarcity of resources asks for new, more sustainable solutions. The call for a more biobased and circular economy is getting stronger. The world of architecture, construction and design cannot and must not stay behind. In fact, with The Growing Pavilion we show the possibilities and above all the enormous beauty of biobased materials.

How can we reduce the output of CO2? What do we do with waste products from agriculture? How do we deal with subsidence and rising sea levels? What is the aesthetic value of biobased materials? These are just a few of the many questions that the unique project The Growing Pavilion examines, before and during DDW 2019. Driven by a strong necessity and the need to stimulate a new way of thinking, Company New Heroes, Dutch Design Foundation and partners from the world of design, architecture, construction, government and education, have taken on the challenge to realize an iconic structure. A pavilion that consists entirely of biobased materials. Sourced as locally as possible, because the Brabant soil and knowledge are extremely rich. For ten days this landmark can be seen and experienced at the heart of the DDW; on the Ketelhuisplein in Eindhoven. For more information please drop us an email 😉