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The OpenStructures (OS) project initiates a construction system where everyone designs for everyone.

“The next big thing will be a lot of small things”

It is an ongoing experiment that wants to find out what happens if people design objects according to a shared modular grid, a common open standard that stimulates the exchange of parts, components, experiences and ideas and aspires to build things together.

The purpose of this experiment is to investigate what the opportunities and limitations of an open modular system are and under which conditions it will prove to be most efficient and favorable. The ultimate goal is to initiate a universal, collaborative puzzle that allows the broadest range of people – from craftsmen to multinationals – to design, build and exchange the broadest range of modular components, resulting in a more flexible and scalable built environment.

An open modular system of this kind has the potential to:
– generate flexible and dynamic puzzle structures rather than uniform modular entities
– introduce variety within modularity
– stimulate re-use cycles of various parts and components
– enable collaborative (and thus exponential) innovation within hardware construction

The OpenStructures project is a collaborative effort. 
It was originally conceived at the Institute without Boundaries and is now being further developed and tested by Intrastructures in association with the research group 4Dimensional Design of the Department of Architectonic Engineering Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.